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Quality and safety are our top priorities. We provide the greatest degree of quality and dependability in our products by following to global standards and regulations.


Our skilled staff can help customers with procedures since they have a lot of knowledge and experience.


We provide specialised cleaning services based on your requirements, tools, and work processes.

Training Programs

To educate healthcare staff on the proper handling, cleaning, and maintenance of surgical instruments

Instruments Crafted for Surgical Excellence

Welcome to Affnitypro Health, an established leader in surgical equipment cleaning and maintenance. To ensure that surgical instruments are properly sanitised and maintained for optimum performance and patient safety, we specialise in offering thorough cleaning services and training programmes to healthcare facilities.

To guarantee that surgical equipment is fully cleaned, decontaminated, and sterilised and meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, our skilled team of cleaning professionals adheres to tight protocols and industry best practises.

What Make Us the Best Among Others?

Our constant dedication to perfection sets Affinity Pro apart from other companies in the field. In all of our services, we place a great priority on cleanliness, accuracy, and safety. Our staff of skilled experts is very knowledgeable and skilled in cleaning and instructing surgical equipment. We go above and above to deliver individualized solutions created specifically for each client’s particular needs. We constantly provide excellent outcomes by utilizing cutting-edge technology, strict quality control procedures, and a customer-centric attitude. You may rely on us to take the finest care of your surgical tools, assuring their best performance and the security of your patients.

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Our Services

we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your surgical equipment cleaning and training needs.

Surgical Equipment

The thorough cleaning and disinfecting of surgical tools and equipment is our area of expertise. At Affinitypro Health we ensure the greatest degree of cleanliness according to standards.


We provide sterilization verification services to ensure that your instruments have undergone the necessary sterilization processes and meet the required standards for patient safety.

Instrument Inspection and Maintenance

We thoroughly evaluate surgical tools as part of our services to find any wear, damage, or functioning problems. We guarantee that your instruments are in top working condition, everytime.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

We understand that each healthcare facility has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customized cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs, equipment, and workflows.


We provide comprehensive & integrated training programs to educate and help develop your healthcare staff on the proper handling, cleaning, and maintenance of surgical instruments.

Quality Control and Compliance

Our services routinely meet or surpass industry requirements because we follow thorough quality control procedures. Major instrument handling and maintenance topics are covered in our training sessions.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Affinitypro Health, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and instrument performance

Expertise and Experience

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Compliance and Quality

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Comprehensive Training

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Focus on Customer Service

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

Reliability and Timeliness

Our doctors are highly qualified and well experienced.

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