Uncompromising Quality, Unparalleled Care: Redefining Instrument Services


From instrument identification and tracking to detailed records and documentation, our system provides a robust traceability solution, enhancing efficiency and accountability in surgical instrument management.


 Our software improves endoscopic processes, assuring smooth operations and top-notch patient care. It includes sophisticated features like inventory monitoring, procedural documentation, and instrument maintenance scheduling.

Managed Sterile Service

You must make sure your sterile services department is always operated properly and efficiently if you want to provide your patients with the best possible treatment and satisfy the needs of your clinical teams.

Sterile Service

Our primary business is the decontamination of medical instruments, and we have a highly qualified personnel that can assist our customers with that process thanks to their wealth of expertise and experience.

Outsourced Decontamination &
Sterilization Services

We invest in the most cutting-edge decontamination and sterilization methods for use on healthcare supplies because we are proud of what we do best and want to provide our clients with the finest possible service.

Affinity Pro Full Service Capability

Instruments pristine. Safety guaranteed.

With its extensive full-service capabilities, Affinity Pro delivers complete end-to-end surgical instrument management solutions. Our staff takes care of everything, from initial inventory setup and customisation through cleaning, maintenance, and sterilisation. We make sure that instruments are handled correctly, that regulations are followed, and that there is thorough documentation. Our highly skilled specialists use cutting-edge technology and adhere to exacting procedures to offer the greatest level of cleaning and instrument performance. Healthcare institutions may concentrate on patient care while leaving the challenges of instrument maintenance to us because to Affinity Pro’s full-service capability.


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  • Endoscopes that can bend
  • Sterilisation at Low
  • Temperature
  • Logistics
  • High-Tech Engineering


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  • Circular Economy


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